Photography #2 – Ballycotton

Ballycotton is a small coastal fishing village about 25km east of cork city, Ireland. Besides the beaches and a 5km cliff walk, one of the main focal points is the lighthouse which was first commissioned in 1851 and was operated by lighthouse keepers until it was converted to electricity in 1975. The keepers were withdrawn… Continue reading Photography #2 – Ballycotton


Photography #1 – Fota Wildlife Park

Photography is a hobby of mine that I got into a number of years back. I'm no expert. I basically just point and click, but Decided to start a series on here where I share a few photos and maybe a bit of information about the location... Enjoy. 🙂 The first place I am going… Continue reading Photography #1 – Fota Wildlife Park



Hey Welcome to this little corner of the internet. Not completely sure what this blog is going to turn into. There may be a few photos, maybe a book review or two and possibly a few rants or thoughts. Who knows, but I do hope you decide to stick around for a while 🙂 Lizzie