Allihies, Beara Peninsula, West Cork

Back in August, I was given the opportunity to accompany my best friend and her aunt on a trip to Allihies in west cork. Allihies is an old mining town, located at the end of the Beara Peninsula and sits in a beautiful location with mountains on 3 sides and a stunning ocean view on the 4th side.

A view of the town and surrounding mountains from the road in

The History of Allihies

Back in 1812, a large copper deposit was discovered in the hills and mountains surrounding the town. The Puxley family then established a company to operate the bereheven copper mines at allihies, resulting in the biggest copper mining enterprise in ireland and transporting this remote village into the industrial revolution. These Mines eventually closed in 1884.

Evidence of this mining past is still visible around Allihies, with the ruins of three Large Cornish Engine Houses visible around the mountains. At the height of its operation, the mines employed almost 1500 people.

More information on the history can be found here

About the town

Allihies is a stunning little town, consisting of:

  • A couple of Bar/Restaraunts
  • A Couple of Guesthouse/Hostels
  • A Couple of Caravan sites
  • A small shop, with the necessities
  • An old church converted into a café and Mining Museum
  • And a Beach made up of the crushed Quartz rock that the copper was extracted from.
A view of a section of the town, looking uphill


A collection of my Favourite photos taken in and around Allihies and surrounding areas over the space of 3 days.


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