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Lockdown Thoughts #1

Here in Ireland, we are currently in the middle of our 3rd lockdown which has been extended for a further 4 weeks. All non essential retail has been closed, along with restaurants, hairdressers etc. and we can’t travel beyond 5km from home unless it is for essential reasons. I live In a pretty large town on the outskirts of a city, with one busy riverside park running the length of the town that connects the local river to the historic gunpowder mills. That Park is always packed with joggers, dog walkers, and kids burning energy in the playground or skatepark. Not really the most peaceful or relaxing area.

Being in various stages of lockdown for most of the last year, and restricted in how far we can travel has made me realize how much I loved just being out in nature. As a photographer, and someone with an Anxiety disorder, I find that there is just something very calming and relaxing about hiking to the top of a mountain and looking down at the stunning landscape, or walking through the ancient glacier lakes of the Gap of Dunloe in Co.Kerry. I miss the quiet. I miss the scenery. I miss the Beauty of Ireland and the last few weeks I have found myself just wanting to get into the car and drive to the coast or to the nearest mountain range.

I want to be able to visit some of my favourite scenery again, or maybe even discover something new.
I know that I will get there again, and I know that it will be worth the wait…
But until then, I’ll have to make do with photos of the garden birds or that riverside park and wait not-so-Patiently…

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