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Hello Again..

I haven’t posted here in the last few months for a couple of reasons.

The first being almost non-stop lockdowns and restrictions due to the virus limiting the amount of photo opportunities I have had. At the moment here in Ireland, we are stuck with a 5km radius and there isn’t really anything scenic locally since I live pretty close to a city. There is one park but it is always extremely busy, especially on weekends.

I also have been concentrating on my mental health lately. We’re into our 3rd lockdown in Ireland and I’m finding this one the toughest of them all. It almost seems never-ending at times. Back in April or May, around the first lockdown, I was officially Diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder after dealing with anxiety for over 10 years.

Lockdowns and various restrictions have put most of the traditional methods for dealing with Social Anxiety on Hold so me and my team have had to use our imagination a small bit and alter our plan. My goal is to a get to a point where Anxiety is no longer in the driving seat, Where I am in control.
My Anxiety tends to get in the way of something as simple as posting on Facebook or Instagram so I find running a blog quite difficult. At least with photos, I don’t need to do the talking.

I hope to get better at posting here over time…

Until then, or until I can find a photo opportunity, this will have to do…

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