Photography #3 – Ladies View and Torc Falls, County Kerry

If there is any place I’d highly recommend to anyone planning a visit to or Around Ireland, it would be County Kerry, Especially Killarney and the surrounding areas. Stunning views of mountains and valleys and Plenty of variety when it comes to things to do and see and I’ll only be covering two of those things today.

Screenshot taken from Google Maps.. Distance from Killarney to Ladies view


First up, Ladies View:
Ladies view provides visitors with a scenic panoramic view of the ring of Kerry and Killarney national park and It is Located roughly aboutย 19 kilometres (12 miles) from Killarney (roughly 25 mins according to google maps, see above). It is said to have gained its name due to the pleasure expressed by Queen Victoria’s ladies-in-waiting during a visit in 1861 and you can now browse a gift shop or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as you take in the view. See Here for more information.


Torc Waterfall:
Torc Waterfall is located and the base of Torc Mountain within Killarney national Park and is roughly 8ย kilometres (5 miles) From Killarney Town Centre. As well as the waterfall, there is also a Hiking trail that will take you to the top of the mountain.
See Here for more information:

On this Particular trip, Due to leaving late we didn’t get to complete the Torc Mountain Hike or begin exploring the rest of Killarney National Park. Maybe in a future Photography entry.

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